Friday, October 15, 2010

And the days keep whizzing past...

The highlights of yesterday:

A lunchtime shopping trip with the girls from work.

The delivery of a large bunch of flowers for the boss, who is overseas so we got to keep them.

A behind the scenes tour of our Works on Paper store and close encounters with some original
E Mervyn Taylor wood engravings which took my breath away (and made me very frustrated that I couldn't take photos). This was followed by a viewing of some Norman Lindsay engravings to add an Australian perspective.
(As a reminder to myself that I'm in Wellington, I drove home past The Beehive)

Dinner with The Parental Units and an evening spent updating and polishing my resume with my Dad. Who may or may not have been waving around a copy of Weasel Words at some stage during the evening while I glared at him and tried not to laugh.

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