Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Was that Tuesday that just whizzed past?

Blessing (and sneaky peek) of the fabulous Brian Brake: Lens on the world exhibition which opens at Te Papa on Saturday.

Day two of the National Digital Forum, which lots more food for thought and a meeting with a key player about the project I'm working on as part of my internship.

An invite to the friends' preview of the next Craft 2.0. Which alas, I won't be here for.

A quick scamper down the waterfront to The Museum of Wellington City & Sea to see their exhibition on the American troops in Wellington during World War Two (alas not worth the effort, in my opinion)

Followed by a behind the scenes tour of the Te Papa Imaging Department (where they take and improve photos and images) where I had a discussion with one of the photographers about a dolls house he made many years ago.

The usual crawl home along the motorway, a trip to the beach with Topsy then dinner with The Parental Units and I fell into bed, completely buggered.

(Oh, and no photos)

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