Sunday, October 31, 2010

A great day, all round

The day started with Cycling S and I heading to the National Gallery for lunch and to check out the new extension.

I was excited to see the return of the pears at the front and a brand new round thing.
James Turrell's skyscape was intriguing and full of
.Skyscape 04
Skyscape 05
Skyscape 07

Skyscape 06
Then it was off to work for me, followed by the second half of Björn Again which had my 11 year old inner ABBA fan very very excited. Especially as the lovely Di bought me my first Glo stick.

It was odd, though to hear the "original" of Voulez Vous as I've got rather used to the Erasure cover from Abba-esque (and look! Another round thing in the video!)

The evening finished with a chocolate affogato just before midnight. Yes, we found a cafe in Civic which is open for post theatre coffees! In fact, when I told them how happy it made me they said they stayed open until the last customers left. A round of applause for The Mill Cafe.

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