Friday, October 29, 2010

A flop

A stack of new cupcake wrappers from New Zealand. Morning tea with a friend. The perfect time to whip up some black and white polka dot cupcakes.

Cupcake fail
I think it'll be ginger kisses (bought) for morning tea. And trifle for pudding.
Cupcake fail
And an annotation on the recipe in question to make 12 cupcakes, not 10 as stated...


susan said...

except that the crusty warm part on the top is really the best part, isn't it? from then on, its a downer as far as cake goes imho

Sheep Rustler said...

There can be surprising variations depending on what country a recipe was written (and tested) in. When I lived in England I had an absolutely no fail Victoria sponge recipe, from an English book. Using Australian flour, which I believe has more gluten than English flour, I had to make adaptations to the recipe because the first time I made it back here, it overflowed the pans (the identical pans I had shipped over from the UK) and went all over the oven. With a little experimentation and annotation it now makes a no-fail cake again.

Sarah said...

I bet they still tasted good despite the collapse! I once had a whole tray of cupcakes meld into one giant joined up mess but I iced them anyway!