Friday, October 01, 2010

Sibilng rivalry (of the electronic sort)

My new cameras have lovely soft cases to keep them safe when we're out and about.

But my poor new laptop was feeling quite naked. Until last night, when I whipped this up out of some some of the wool I used for the camera case (Salvos, $5 for the piece). a table cloth from Kmart I also had in stash (was I going to make a skirt or a bag with it? I can't remember...), an ancient piece of foam I discovered in the back of the mini supplies cupboard and the largest dome I had in the dome box: We're all happy now.

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hillmandesigns said...

Very nice. One must keep everyone happy. A sad laptop could cause disquiet in the study. Beautiful cover. What about your mobil phone a Knitted cover would be nice maybe black and white spots mm.