Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mini markets

 After yesterday's second hand success, this morning I was up bright and early and heading for the Trash and Treasure markets to see if I could continue my luck.

I came away with a set of six.... errr.... somethings which could be used as table bases ($5). A set of six large wooden trays (or small wooden coasters, depending on how you look at them) ($6). And, just as I left, I spotted a chap selling a selection of letters from cars ($1 each) who seemed amazed that I was buying them for my dolls house. He also had a limited sign ($5),
which I decided would be the perfect name for the pop up shop that the Starlight scene seems to have decided to morph into (still a work in progress):
(It was supposed to be a 2602 dinner party scene. Then a cafe. Maybe it will finally decide to become a cafe with a pop up shop. Now where do you think I'll find enough matching table bases and tops to use.... ;-) )


studioseven said...

You always have the best eye for finding treasures. Your miniature scenes are always so unique because of these op shop finds. Keep 'em coming.

AMCSviatko said...

Awww... thanks :-)

Mini Dork said...

Cool finds, haven't seen anything like some of those. Just fab!