Saturday, December 29, 2012

Op shop adventures

 I popped into the op shop today with my 'mini eyes' in, spent $15, and came out with this:
The coasters will be turned upside down and used as table tops. The napkin rings will be used as coffee table bases.
The bag of perspex bits (I have no idea what they might have been originally) will also become coffee table bases.
Or maybe modern art.
I'm particularly pleased with this set:
 The napkin rings can, once again, become coffee table bases. Or side tables. Or modern art. And the holder would make a great display coffee table if covered with a piece of perspex.
And when I get bored with that idea, I can screw the legs off and use them to make a cool modern sofa. Or bed. Or something...


Sarah said...

Great finds! You have the makings of a whole modern art gallery there!

studioseven said...


Mini Dork said...

Wow, I love that set of napkin rings. You find the coolest stuff!

I Love To Op Shop said...

Oh, lovely finds :-)