Friday, December 28, 2012

(then take it off again)

I must admit, even though the sticker refill in my Xyron 250 said 'repositionable', I was a little concerned that I would be left with a mess of a desk when I tried taking the bird decal off.

As you can see, there was no need to worry.

Of course I'm now wanting to try the permanent refill to see if the sticker is less cloudy...


Mini Dork said...

Rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip will take any sticker glue residue off plastic/acrylic without damaging it. I just made some tables where I put foil based stickers on acrylic, spray painted over, then removed the stickers, only to find out the foil based stickers leave pretty much all of their glue behind. Rubbing alcohol took it off without a scratch.

I was trying to make one similar to Pepper's black top table in this post, but mine did not come out as cool:

I am loving your bird on it table, such a cool idea. I'd stick it. :D

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the tip, and the link. I've never heard of rubbing alcohol: will have to track some down. I usually use Eucalyptus oil to get sticky marks off but the end result (oddly enough) is often oily.

Thanks also for the link to Pepper's tabletop, which I'd forgotten about. I doubt anyone's anything would come out as cool as one Pepper made! :-)

melleejohn said...

Sooo happy you are back at blogging!!!!!! Melissa