Friday, January 11, 2013

A quick scene

I'm hot. And tired. And grumpy. And have been fighting off a headache for two days. Not the most creative of circumstances, really.

But I challenged myself to make a quick scene in lovely cool colours in the hope it would make me feel cooler (it didn't).
This scene was built around the globe. Which I spotted, attached to a necklace, on a rack of half price items at the department store across the road. 
A mini globe for $7.50? I can live with that...


Neomig said...

It's a lovely scene!

atalet-buduar said...

maybe id didn't cool you down but it sure warms my heart right now at the northern sphere under heavy snow =)

love .. from istanbul

Mad For Mod said...

Cute scene, love the little bird house. The heat must be moving from place to place. We had a very hot summer here too.

Kikka said...

Hi. Love the scene!
The globe is gorgeous...wish I could go across the road and buy the same: but no...:)
And the painting is fresh!

We also have much snow here

The Shopping Sherpa said...

January's usually unbearably hot here ( especially with my lack of airconditioning. I just forget about it every year until it happens again... :-)

Rowland lockey said...

Hi all,
very nice to see..
i loved this very much