Monday, January 14, 2013


It was the sort of weekend where I went in with good intentions but spent most of it not really doing anything at all (except trying to catch up on much needed sleep. And, somehow, devouring the entirety of Downton Abbey season one in one sitting)
This scene-in-progress has been waiting for attention since Friday: it's loosely inspired by a picture blogged by Pia Jane Bijkerk quite a while back.
Except her scene is all very wintery and mine was supposed to be all rather summery. I thought the (as yet unused)  bed I bought at the Sydney show would be a perfect start, and planned to add light vintage summer sheets made from an old lace-edged hanky I had tucked away.
But do you think I could find it? Alas, no (and there's a chance I could have taken it to our work art group along with my other old lace bits and it was used by someone else). And so the empty bed remains waiting for me to come up with a Plan B (or just put it away).
The plastic sheep "footstool" arrived with a set of toy eggs I bought from Trash and Treasure for a friend. I don't have the heart to shift him yet.

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