Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pink in progress

Today I returned to the stack of magnetic frames I bought a week or so ago, intending to make a proper scene with one (hopefully trying out the idea I had of using them as bulletin boards)
I started by laying out the frame couple of pieces I thought would work as the bones of the scene: the stripy scrapbooking paper bought on the same day as the frames, and a recently finished flokati rug, destined for my stall at the March mini show (and, if I get organised, an Etsy shop)
In my stash of as yet unused pieces, I find the bed I bought at the May show last year, and a door I bought at the same time I picked up this window. Looking good, in a slightly Adler-ish way...
So I set up a test corner, using some vinyl I discovered in my flooring tub. And I realise a couple of things:
1. As I only have two pieces of the stripy paper I'll either have to stick to a very small scene, head back to Typo to see if they have any more packs I can buy or decide to use the paper as a feature wall. I think I'll pick the easy option and go with a feature wall.
2. I forgot to buy door hardware when I bought the door. Duh! And I don't have any in my stash. So I'll either have to use something I have on hand, shoot the scene with the door in such a way that you don't notice the lack of handle, or leave the door out completely.

While I ponder my options, I cut the backing for the bulletin board and attach it to the frame
 then weigh it down to dry.
I guess I'll spend the waiting time cleaning up my worktable. Again.


studioseven said...

Looking good, I like the color. It does channel Adler ; )

Mad For Mod said...

Loving the adler look !

Indy_Poppy said...

I see Typo shops all over the place and hadn't thought of them as a source of minis. Thanks for the idea.