Saturday, August 10, 2013

Craft show creativity

I know a number of people who attend the local Craft & Quilt Fair every year, but I've never been myself.

Until today, that is. Invited by a friend, I figured I'd go along, spend an hour or so there and wander back home.

How wrong was I? I arrived just after 10 am and left at 2.30 pm, bag bulging and mind reeling.
 I found many beads that would make great modern miniature light shades.
Each for prices measured in the 'X for $2' or 'X for $2.50' range.
(Good thing I managed to get out to Jaycar last week after the cluster lamp test, and explore the options for bulbs and power sources.)
These are, amazingly (in my mind at least) run off 1.5 volt AAA batteries.
I also found other miniature treasure tucked away here and there. The cloche base and cover were around $3 total. The Eiffel Tower charm, $1. The large plastic storage boxes, $1 each. And the bunting, window frame and telephone sign were part of the offerings from a company called Scrapmatts.
 I may have gone a little crazy there, but that's a story for another day...


Pepper said...

Man, what a cool haul. I just adore those beads and how they throw fractured light all over the wall. Lovely!

Mad For Mod said...

Those beads make awesome lamp shades. Nice find!

elizabeth s said...

The shadows cast by the various shades are FAB!!!