Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is a pop up 'bar for besties', situated in the same complex as Limited

The owner was keen to create a space where females felt welcome and safe, whether they were out for a drink with friend(s) or by themselves.
The background: Yesterday a friend facebooked a photo of Canberra's first laneway cafe while she was there for breakfast. And my lunchtime trip to Typo was with a colleague who has completely different taste to mine: all pink and sparkles and bling. 
The bits:  In last week's Typo hauls, I bagged a couple of pink, heart-shaped alarm clocks to pull the bells off, and some pink striped scrapbooking paper. At first I was just thinking of challenging myself to use a colour I don't much like or use in miniature.

And then I spotted the broken crate I also picked up last week:
The phrase 'pinky promise' popped into my head, and I was off...
 Turning the crate on its side gave me a narrow (18 cm wide) space, with good height for hanging the lights (plus a convenient hole to hang them from) and a complete back wall which I could use as is

I hung the paper on the side walls to hide the fact there was a split in the sides of the crate and used some contact paper I've had forever on the floor to give the space a bit of grunge to match the distressed back wall and ceiling. The bar branding is shamelessly swiped off a Google images search.
The big picture:

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Galaxy tab hoesje said...

excellent decoration by using pink color! any girl will love it :)