Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday shopping

Yes, I went to Trash and Treasure this morning, and yes I bought stuff for minis. Perhaps I'll show you that later but first, may I invite you to join me perusing the goods for sale at Limit3d?
Looks like they've had a bit of a makeover since we visited in May (and, previously, in December last year): they've painted the floorboards and counter. Plus added a new display cupboard (or perhaps it's for sale?)
 The vibe I'm getting is 'Fifties French'.
 (Someone's obviously got a sense of humour...)
 I'm loving this cosy nook full of fripperies. (Or is that 'fifties French fripperies'?)
 Don't forget to check under the counter...
Hmmm.... I'm tempted by the dolls house shop. And maybe the school chair. What about you? Anything catch your eye?


Eliana said...

This is absolutely amazing!

Hunky Dory said...

May I just say...WOW.

elizabeth s said...

literally EVERYTHING "catches my eye" :D