Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Shopping Sherpa skites (vlog test number 2)

I've mentioned the local Typo factory outlet a few times on my blog and have shared photos with my Facebook friends. This morning I ducked out there to pick up something I forgot to buy on yesterday's trip and decided it was time to share the sorts of treasures I find.

(For my overseas readers, Typo describes itself as a 'one stop concept store filled with supercool gift ideas, fashionable stationery, awesome room-bling and other irresistible products', and carries similar pieces to Modcloth)

These are old photos, but should give you an idea of the sort of things that can be found at the factory outlet:

The great thing about our local outlet is that it pulls the 'scratch and dent' stock in from shops throughout New South Wales. And regularly offers a 'fill a bag for $5' on these pieces. I'm very good at packing...
(I'm not so good at getting round to using things I find. Or making sure my head remains in frame. But that's why it's a test, isn't it?)


Teak said...

Yeah - another video. We must have passed you somewhere this morning.

Neomig said...

It's great having a typo near! great video!

Anna said...

Oh these are some great findings! I love those sales =) It will be fun to see what you make of all this =) Have a nice day! Hugs /Anna