Friday, April 11, 2014

A grey mood

I haven't been feeling in the right frame of mind to make minis recently, so the seaside shack sitting room still looks like this a week after I started working on it:
Selection of 1/12 scale modern miniatures set up on a messy work surface.
And, when you're overwhelmed with miniature choices, but at the same time lacking in inspiration, the only sensible thing to do is buy more minis (right?)

So I ordered this set from Miniatures by Neu:
Modern miniature five piece grey velvet modular sofa set by Town Square Miniatures, in package.
 And now I can make booth seating:
Modern miniature three piece grey velvet booth seating.
 And sofas of many sizes.

Two seater...
Modern miniature two seater grey velvet sofa.
Modern miniature three seater grey velvet sofa.
Modern miniature four seater grey velvet sofa.
Modern miniature five seater grey velvet sofa.
 and six!
Modern miniature six seater grey velvet corner sofa.
I have ten days off work starting tomorrow. Hopefully I can coax my mini mojo out of wherever it's hiding this time.

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Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I do believe you're right about buying miniatures whrn you're in a creative slump, that's all I've managed to do since making it half way through finishing the mini computer i won from you! Enjoy your holiday, you sound like you need it!!