Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holiday reading

Day four of my time off work and I've been busy with domestics and work meetings. Plus my Editor arrives later today to spend a couple of days with me putting together the next issue of The tiny Times.

So I haven't managed to focus much on mini making so far (although I have unearthed both my work bench and my work table from under the piles that have accumulated).

What I have been focusing on is mini reading. First off the pile yesterday was Joe Fig's Inside the Painter's Studio.
Aerial view of a dining table showing a vegetable frittata, a spiralina juice and a copy of the book 'Inside the Painter's Studio' with a pair of reading glasses on top of it.
I'm very late to this party but am looking forward to poring over the models within.

And this morning I visited the Post Office and collected a pile of cheap books I picked up in Booktopia's moving sale, including a copy of Frank Kunert's Topsy-Turvy World (which has been on my wish list for a while).
Outside cafe table containing a pile of six new books and a cup of coffee, overlooking Dickson Post Office.
I had a quick flip through over coffee but am being strong and won't start reading it until I've finished Inside the Painter's Studio.
Aerial view of cafe table showing a cup of coffee and an open book with a picture of a model building in it.
Have you any mini-related book recommendations to share?

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