Saturday, April 12, 2014

An international random act of kindness

There's one sure way to banish a grey mood: good mail!

Especially unexpected good mail, like I received yesterday morning from Kikka N:
Small package from Finland, covered in colourful postage stamps
I was strong and waited until I got to work to open it
Opened package with Moomin postcard on top of contents.
(then immediately facebooked the above image to taunt my Editor, who is a Moomin fan...)
Opened package with Moomin stickers and wrapped contents.
I'd planned to do a gradual photographic reveal for you but got too excited and took the box down to open over coffee with a colleague, completely forgetting to take my camera.

First out of the box was a kitset.... something.
Small ziplock bag containing pieces of wood and a folded instruction sheet
Which turned out to be a miniature Aalto 900 trolley kit, with instructions in Finnish (kindly translated into English by Kikka).
Pieces for a kitset miniature Aalto 900 trolley, plus instructions sheets in Finnish and English.
Next were two Marimekko books, made by Kikka, and a pair of red reading glasses to match my full-sized ones.
Two miniature Marimekko books and a pair of miniature red reading glasses balanced on fingertips.
 Then there was a bottle of Dior perfume (also make by Kikka) and an Aalto vase.
A miniature Dior perfume bottle and a miniature Aalto vase balanced on fingertips.
Finally, there was a bag of fabric pieces, which you can see in the background of my photos.
Miniature Marimekko books, red reading glasses, Dior perfume bottle and  Aalto vase arranged in front of a piece of full-sized Unikko fabric.
Thank you Kikka, for a wonderful box of unexpected delights!

(And now I have an empty box which I might just have to fill and post onwards...)


trash said...

Random Acts of Kindness - big/small, international/local, domestic/external - are my favourite thing ever.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

What a lovely thing Kikka has done for you! I can see thoughtfulness in every detail. Hope the small holiday is reviving your spiriy.

Mad For Mod said...

How nice to get a little surprise in the mail and very cool stuff too!

Kikka N said...

Hi... I am so happy if you like the surprise!

Hannah said...

What a lovely package you got =) How wonderful of Kikka to send you a surprise =)