Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Editorialising in autumn

It would seem that this whole 'editorial retreat' concept for The tiny Times is becoming a regular occurrence around here.

This time round, my Editor came to Canberra. I met her yesterday afternoon (after I finished the final meeting I need to go to at work this week).
Aerial view of a coffee table, showing cheese and crackers and dip, a glass of wine, a marked-up copy of a magazine and some knitting in progress.
It may all look like beer and skittles (or wine and cheese, as the case may be) but we worked fairly solidly from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 10:00 last night when I fell into bed, only to crawl back out at 5:00 this morning and get straight back to work.

So I felt not at all guilty when we broke for a(nother) planning meeting over coffee mid-morning.
Two cups of coffee and a notebook on an outdoor cafe table.
Aerial view of a cafe table, showing two empty coffee cups, a notebook page of notes, with one person pointing to it and the other making notations.
And then decided we could justify a little sightseeing. Of the mini sort, of course. Except, as we were looking for stock for my Editor's stall at the Sydney Show, it was actually-almost-sort-of still work.

Some lengths of these Marimekko-esque mini beauties followed me home:
Inside a quilting fabric shop, showing a pile of fabric with Marimekko-like mini prints in the foreground and someone choosing fabric from the shelf in the background.
(where my Editor declared I had the rest of the day off for a job well done. And I realised that, although it's a great thought that the magazine has grown from 16 pages last year, to 20 pages  last edition and potentially 28 this edition, THAT'S A LOT OF EXTRA PAGES TO EDIT AND DESIGN)

Now please excuse me: I believe I'm on leave. I hear the sofa and a pile of not-designed-by-us magazines calling me...

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