Friday, September 26, 2014

Stuffed at work

Paid parking is being introduced in the area around where I work on October 1. At the same time, our staff parking charge is going from $40 a fortnight to $75 a fortnight (and, in a few months more than probably to match the full local price of $120 a fortnight).

Because I live in a spot with good options for buses (I moved here before I owned a car), I have the option of taking a bus to and from work ($56.80 a fortnight). This week I decided to lend my carpark to a colleague and undertake The Great 2014 Bus Experiment to trial the public transport option before I have to decide one way or another on keeping my car park.

It's been OK. Yes, it takes a lot longer to get to and from work (up to 55 minutes in the evening instead of 30 minutes in the car) but I have enforced exercise and up to an hour of bonus reading time a day.

But it does mean less time at home to do things.

Yesterday morning I decided to follow Mitchymoo Miniatures' lead: I took my unstuffed cushions in to work with me to stuff at lunchtime:
Office desk with unstuffed dolls house miniature cushions, cotton balls and tweezers.
Hmmm.... I wonder what else I can achieve in ten minute chunks stolen from my lunchtimes?


Pepper said...

Pillows are the perfect mini project for a lunch hour. I do most of my printing at work too - anything that doesn't involve me carrying all of my tools in my lunch box =0)

AMCSviatko said...

I took my sewing machine, iron and table-top ironing board in to work one lunchtime to finish a (group) project.

But new job: need to build up to 'complete crazyville' (in the eyes of others) :-)

Pepper said...

Hahahahahahahah. Yeah, that amount of crazy needs to be in small doses =0P

Jodie said...

How ridiculous is it that we have to spend money for a piece of ground to park our car....