Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The bellabox is back

There were two packages waiting for me at the Post Office this morning: one turned out to be an Etsy purchase that I hadn't made (I suspect the seller sent my purchase to the person who bought what I received: hopefully I'll hear from her overnight.)

I had no idea what the other one was and was very strong and refused to open it until I remembered what I'd bought. Finally, by midday, I gave up and opened it. And realised why I had no idea what it was.
Small cardboard box labeled 'bellabox' on top of postal wrapping.
It was the bellabox I'd sent to Penelope in February, returned to me with new goodies inside.
Selection of dolls house miniatures displayed on the top of a small cardboard box labelled 'bellabox'
 Which means I must empty it and send it on again, right? (Thanks Penelope!)

In other news, I've not got much further with anything I blogged about last week (learning All The Things for my (latest) new job is taking it out of me and I spent good miniature-light time last weekend at the Lifeline Bookfair and the movies.)

Here's my completed La Gardo Tackett garden sculpture:
Mid-century modern miniature La Gardo Tackett garden sculpture
which I think will work really well in my scene: except I seem to have decided that since it's outside on the terrace, I need to have some lovely white weatherboards in the background (back to the spray can) and try and turn my existing French doors into something more mid century.

The pink sparkly bathroom tiles have got this far and no more:
Group of tiny pink sparkly mosaic tiles next to a grey sparkly placemat.
And there was a bit of a disaster with some white spray painting I did at the same time I sprayed the garden sculpture:
Close-up view of a number of plastic model kit components, badly painted with white paint.
(I need to clean off the pieces and try again. Soon. Before I lose interest.)

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