Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While the rest of the ACT had the first of two long weekends in a row this weekend just gone, I spent the weekend 'working',

The quotes are because I spent the weekend visiting people's workspaces as part of my role as co-Editor* of The tiny Times. Which didn't feel much like work at all...

Our workspace for the weekend, Saturday afternoon:
Dining table with two mugs of tea, a biscuit on a plate, a magazine with a pen on it and a laptop in the background.
Visiting on Sunday morning:
Garage workshop in a back yard.
and Sunday afternoon (part one):
Drawing table with lamp, in the corner of a room overlooking the garden. On the desk chair is a tapestry cushion of a fantasy creature.
(and two):
Workspace surrounded with glass cabinets full of Japanese toys.
 Finally, a Monday visit to the printer to discuss our options for future issues...
Man in a printers, pointing at two magazine issues.
(*Yes, I've had a promotion.)

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m1k1 said...

How exciting our lives are. (warning, warning: sarcasm engaged)