Saturday, September 06, 2014

What a week!

This week started with a(nother) new job and a horrendously steep learning curve in pretty much everything to do with it. It included my laptop deciding that I didn't exist (and, luckily, being convinced that I actually do). And ended with the opening of the Designcraft Master Modernist Icon | Maker+Designer exhibition at Nishi Gallery: an exhibition of Hans Wegner's furniture, celebrating 100 years since his birth.
Crowd at a gallery opening. A Hans Wegner table and chair are in the foreground and a stool, armchair and coffee table in the background.
It was very crowded and difficult to see all the pieces (I'm probably going to go back when it's quieter for a better look)
An exhibition space with an armchair and table and chair on display. A musician sings and plays keyboard in the corner.
People at an exhibition opening, looking at two small wooden side tables.
 It was odd being in a space with so many people holding so many drinks, with so many tables but nowhere to put anything down!

This morning I drove down to Margell School for a quiet weekend to recover from  the week.

Friends had stayed on their way to and from Melbourne last week and had not only left the place in perfect condition
Miniature bed, stripped, with bedding folded into a pile. A rolling suitcase stands on the floor at the end of the bed.
 but had added a couple of things as a thank you:
Dolls house miniature Amarylis plant in a pot on a coffee table.
 an Amarylis plant in a pot
Dolls house miniature wall shelving with a kiwi ornament placed on it, next to a pile of plates and dishes  and a shelf of food items.
and a kiwi ornament, picked up, they tell me, from the markets on a recent trip to Wellington, where one of them and I both lived before we moved to Australia. It goes nicely with my Be a healthy kiwi poster...

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