Friday, January 09, 2015

Finish it off Friday: a wing and a prayer

*Ahem*. If I thought that over two years was bad to finish a project, that's nothing compared to this:
Plastic storage box containing a dolls' house miniature wing chair kit package, a half-finished chair and various pieces of fabric.
(which first saw the light of day on this blog three years and three months ago and has stayed tucked away in its half-completed state ever since).
Pieces of a dolls' house miniature wing chair kit arranged on a cutting mat.
I feel like I'm on a miniature archaeological dig, trying to work out exactly where I got to and what I need to do next. I know part of the reason I put it aside originally was because I wanted to do something different with the base of it and it all just got too difficult.

 I also found these in the box:
Piece of car, printed with two dolls' house miniature e-readers.
which will be much easier to finish.

Wish me luck!

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