Friday, January 09, 2015

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

A couple of hours after my last post, and I am almost done.
Dolls' house miniature wing chair kit, halfway through being upholstered, with the front panel bare.
 One of the sticking points had been deciding how to approach the front of the chair. I told myself not to stress too much about it because, as we all know, we're the only people that notice when something is wrong with a piece we made and if I did indeed stuff it up it would be an easy enough job to pull it apart and try a different approach,

After spending ten minutes searching the web for examples of how other chairs with two fabrics were upholstered, I decided to match the under-piece to the rest of the inside of the chair, and not the outside fabric.
Two cardboard chair component shapes laid out on the wrong side of fabric, ready to be cut out.
Dolls' house miniature wing chair kit, halfway through being upholstered, with the front panel covered.
(I did wonder why I'd ever thought that covering an entire piece of fabric with fusible webbing was a good idea instead of attaching it to the cardboard pieces first. Then I realised I'd not been using it terribly long at that stage...)
Piece of black and white striped fabric, backed with fusible webbing.
I made a couple of other quite small decisions which had been holding me up (while muttering 'Better to be done and not perfect that sitting in stash for another three years' to myself)
Two dolls house wing chair side pieces, placed on fabric pieces cut to fit.
Dolls' house miniature wing chair without legs, shown from the side with a piece of cardboard on the worktable, waiting to be covered and attached to the other side of the chair.
and, within an hour and a half of pulling the box out, I had finished the upholstery,
Dolls' house wing chair without legs, upholstered in two different black and white fabrics.
made a decision on the legs, cut them, painted them. and was waiting for them to dry before they can be glued on:
Four lengths of spray-painted square dowel, drying on a box lid in a laundry. Behind then is a vintage dolls' house.
I'd call that a success, wouldn't you?


Kikka N said...

Congrats on finishing one project!
The chair is cool!

Pepper said...

Definately a success. The chair looks great =0)