Thursday, February 05, 2015

Best-laid blogiversary plans (and a box of bricks)

 This afternoon a colleague and I were discussing what I could do to mark my blogiversary is a somewhat fitting style.

'A party!' I suggested. 'At Margell. But a virtual party! Readers could email me photos of themselves and I could Photoshop them into the party scene!'

'You could have a long trestle table with laptops!' she countered. (I didn't have the heart to tell her that Margell has no internet).

And then we got silly, pondering the possibility of setting up a separate group blog for the party which guests could add to over the weekend.

But when I got home there was an email which may just swallow up my weekend. Lundby Australia are exhibiting at the Australian Toy Fair and have been invited to include a contribute something to the 'museum' that the fair is settling up for the duration.

And that something is probably in my collection. So I may end up spending the weekend dusting and packing instead of (virtual) partying. I'll let you know.

In the meantime, here's a wee present that arrived in this morning's mail:
Wooden box of miniature bricks.
A box of miniature Monier bricks, courtesy of a friend in New Zealand.
Paper label on the top of a box of miniature Monier clay bricks.


Pepper said...

Party! Party! Party! =0D

Mad For Mod said...

First do the Lundby thing and then... Party Time!Excellent!

Annelise said...

You can come to my party instead. :)

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Blogiversaries are the best! So are parties!! ;)

Mini Dork said...

How exciting! Pack now party later!