Saturday, February 07, 2015

I really should pack

..but I needed egg cartons to pack into. And a friend said she had some but I'd need to pick them up from her. From her farm an hour out of town.

And once I was there it seemed churlish not to go visit the locals. Lollipop the pony and Lucky the sheep.
A pony, a woman and a sheep standing in a paddock.
 Cupcake the miniature horse.
A miniature horse and a pony in a paddock.
Diesel the dog, Puss in Boots the cat. Various chickens and ducks and guinea pigs.

And the garden (where we ate tomatoes and raspberries and blackberries picked straight from the plant) and orchard (freshly picked peaches.)

By mid afternoon I declared that I really should pack and finally left.

But I was half-way to the dolls house shop. And I needed to pick up party supplies. It seemed silly not to swing past...
Dolls' house miniature food items on display at  dolls' house shop.
 After a chat and a rummage, I declared that I really should pack and finally left with my purchases.

I got home. Unpacked the egg cartons
A stack of empty egg cartons in front of a vintage Lundby dolls' house.
 and declared that I really should do something about dinner and left the packing until tomorrow...

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Rebecca said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful day! And that's a great stash of egg cartons.