Sunday, February 08, 2015

Clean and empty and ready to go

What a job that was!
Empty interior of a 1975 Lundby dolls' house.
Because I'd originally furnished my 1975-78 Lundby house with a mix of furniture brands, I needed to swap out the existing non-Lundby furniture with Lundby items before I could start packing it.
1975 Lundby dolls' house, with a selection of non-Lundby furniture in front of it.
(See all the stuff at the front? Non-Lundby.)
1975 Lundby dolls' house lounge, empty except for a pot plant, a magazine rack and an orange light.
Which left many rooms
1975 Lundby dolls' house dining room, empty except for a vase with flowers and a red light.
very bare.
1975 Lundby dolls' house, furnished with vintage Lundby furniture.
So I had to refill the house before I emptied and packed it. Luckily I had many items in my 1973-74 Lundby house that I could swap across.


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Wow, that's a lot of organising. I dread emptying any of my rooms when I need to dust them so I feel your pain. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday =0)

Kikka N said...

Wow, your Lundby looks great now! My friend has been doing the same lately with her Lunby collection.

Penelope said...

That's a lot of work! I like the end result. I also like the behind pictures. That's what my work space looks like! Where can I find the post with the "before" mixed label version?

Neen said...

Are you taking my favorite dollhouse of all time, the 1950s Lundby with the winding staircase?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Penelope

I included a link to my 1975-78 Lundby house ( near the top of the article.

Neen: No, we decided that we needed houses that looked like the modern Lundby but were obviously of their era. :-)