Wednesday, February 04, 2015


9 years.

2500 posts.

Am feeling a mixture of chuffed and gobsmacked.

Plus have that nagging thought that there should be some very cool photo (that I don't have) to mark the occasion.

I'm a bad (old) blogger,


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Congratulations! You should have posted some of your fab scenes over the years, just as a reflection of all of your achievements over the past nine years.

Are we having cake and wine to celebrate?

Kikka N said...

It is always so fun to have friends and cake! :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Pepper

That may still happen: I was out last night at an opening and it was too late to do much by the time I got home.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Happy Anniversaree, Happy Anniversaree, Haaappy Anniversary! Just as well you couldn't hear me sing as I typed ;) Lifting the metaphorical glass to you, bit early in the day for a real one. Nah, seriously, dunno how you did it, 2500 posts?? The thought of all those words has made me wordless, Happy Anniversay is all there is ;))

Hannah said...

Congratulations! 9 years is a long time =) Hope you have many more great years to come =)

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

9 Years and 2500 posts??? Absolutely amazing! Congrats and thanks for sharing with us all this time :)

Penelope said...

Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment. And I love the words: "chuffed" and "gobsmacked"