Sunday, February 15, 2015

(School) house party

And so the day of the party finally arrived. The bunting is up. And everything's ready for the first guest.

And here you are! Welcome! You're right on time!
Miniature dolls' house school with bunting reading 'blogiversary' tied to the front verandah.
Do come inside.
Entry to a miniature dolls' house school with garden chair and a table outside.
View through the front door of a miniature dolls' house school, showing the kitchen with a selection of drinks arranged.
 There's heaps to drink. Grab a glass.
Kitchen of a miniature dolls' house holiday home, with glasses and plates arranged ready for a party, and various drinks on display behind.
 Would you prefer non-alcoholic
Selection of miniature dolls' house non-alcoholic drinks arranged in a kitchen, ready for a party.
 or alcoholic?
Selection of miniature dolls' house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks arranged in a kitchen, ready for a party.
There's quite a spread to chose from (I'm expecting rather a crowd).
Selection of miniature dolls' house party food arranged in a living area, ready for a party.
 There's even a specially-iced cake to mark the occasion. We'll cut it later in the night when everyone's here. In the meantime, help yourself to something sweet,
Selection of miniature dolls' house cakes arranged on a desk, including one with the number 9 iced on the top of it.
Miniature dolls' house savoury food arranged on a table, including sushi, nuts, olives and two sorts of pizza.
and, of course, there's lots of cheese.
Miniature dolls' house finger food arranged on a coffee table, including a bowl of chips, a cheese and grape platter and a bowl of fudge,
Miniature dolls' house cheese platter on a table next to a pile of plates, In the background is a seating area.
Take a seat, if you wish. I'm sure more guests will arrive shortly.
A miniature dolls' house living room seating area, set up for a party with finger food on the coffee table.
A miniature dolls' house living room, set up for a party with food, seating and plates arranged.
My muso friends were tuning up earlier and have just ducked into town to collect a couple of last minute things. They'll be back soon and then things will really get started.
A miniature dolls' house veranda, with seating, a bottle and glass of wine, a recorder, guitar, ukulele and sheet of music.
Feel free to grab a chair outside and wait for them to return. If you get peckish you can access the food from out there.
View from a miniature dolls' house veranda to inside where there is a table laden with cakes.
 Blogging for nine years? I know, who would have thought?
View of a miniature dolls' house veranda with a selection of musical instruments arranged on it. In front, tied to a paost, is bunting reading 'blog'.
I'm glad you could make it!


m1k1 said...

Thank you for the invitation. I have been practising my special blogiversary song for days. I'll just help myself to the cheese and grog.

Unknown said...

Love it - congrats on nine years of blogging.

Pepper said...

Awesome party, you have thought of everything. That cake looks amazing =0) Happy 9 years of blogging and *cheers*, here's to many, many more =0D

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Cool party! Hope you don't mind, I brought along a 6 pack of Strongbow, one will do me, help yourself. That blue vein cheese was divine darling, you'll have to tell me where you got it! Cheers Blog, Happy Anniversareee!!

Kikka N said...

Everything looks so inviting! The cakes are sure to be delicious and the cheese, sushi.. yummy
Well here I am coming, hope just the flight will be there in time.. ;)for the Happy Anniversary Party!
Thank you!

Phyllis said...

Very nice party and happy 9th blogiversary! That is indeed an accomplishment!

Mad For Mod said...

Cheers to nine years!!!!

modernist molly said...

Thank you for nine years of great reading, inspiration and a certain amount of just plain goofiness. You often make my day

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Such a fun party! I'm so full from all the awesome food you had out. You are the best hostess :)

Mini Dork said...

Huge congrats on 9 years! Thanks for all the inspiration and wow that was some party. You thought of EVERYTHING!