Monday, June 29, 2015

#Frugal15: Fabulous friends

This week's grocery budget was higher for three reasons: I decided to buy Mr Nibbs some steak worth $3,50 (I figure the occasional addition of this to his diet saves me on vet visits to clean his teeth). I'd run out of dishwashing liquid and sponges (one of the unfortunate side effects of cooking at home a lot more is there are also a lot more dishes that need doing). And I discovered crumpets (not on the shopping list, but a freezer staple which I stock up on when they're cheap) on half-price special.
Mosaic of images showing a selection of groceries and three meals: apple hotcakes with yoghurt dressing, pasta, spinach, pesto and tomato salad, and mexican chilli corn pie.
The week's menu included mushroom soup (served to a dinner guest with garlic bread made from rolls out of the freezer); a spinach, red capsicum, feta and spinach frittata; penne, pesto and tomato salad; mexican chili corn pie (a favourite: which produced three extra servings that went into the freezer) and tuna, corn, red capsicum and feta pizza.

There were no muffins this week, mainly because the freezer still has a good supply of a couple of flavours.

What there was this week, was the Karma Bank paying out in the form of a lot of unexpected spoiling by friends. I was shouted coffee (twice). Brunch (once). Lunch (twice). Dinner (to celebrate M's birthday and my success at the ANCA sPIN exhibition opening). And three friends who came to my place for meals brought goodies to share.
Mosaic of images showing various cafe and restaurant meals.
I never expect my friends to pay for me, but I'm always very appreciative when they do.

Speaking of The Karma Bank paying out, I received a phone call from out of the blue last night with the offer of a few days' work this week. By my reckoning that should pay the rent for another couple of weeks...


Pepper Mitcheson said...

The Karma Bank may have something miniature for you this week...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have the best Karma Bank! :-D