Monday, June 15, 2015


At the beginning of 2015 a friend said she was concentrating on living frugally for the year as she had some financial goals she wanted to achieve. A number of us who worked with her agreed we were in the same boat and so the idea of #Frugal15 was born.

The challenge is all about focusing on spending money on what's important to us personally, and I've mainly been documenting my efforts on my Facebook page, leaving this blog focused on my miniature work.

After discussions over the last few days with various friends about my efforts at living well without a job, I feel it's time to widen the subject of my blog ever so slightly and return to my roots (does anyone remember my 'fiscal fasts' in March and June 2007, and June 2008?)

At this stage I'm planning to post at least once a month (on the 15th) about the #Frugal15 challenge, and possibly once a week to show how I'm feeding myself (and the occasional visitor) on a weekly grocery budget of $35 (or thereabouts).
I'll tag the posts clearly so you can skip them if you're not interested,
And they might, depending on what happens, be sucked into a blog in their own right, like I did with Tea Towel Tuesday.


Diane said...

Hey, I do remember your fiscal fasts, they were great inspiration for me to look at my own spending. Looking forward to Frugal15.

Tina McIntosh said...

I bet you could teach Gwyneth Paltrow a thing or twoo...

Mini Dork said...

Great idea! We're working on this too. I try to keep food for our household of 4 around $120 a week. Menu planning and only buying what's on the shopping list are key.

Weekendparent said...

I love the #frugal15 concept. I too am having a fiscally frugal year. Loving the savings.