Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thank you for brightening my day!

The lovely Susan from minicrochetmad read my post about the lack of crocheted granny square rugs at the May show and emailed, offering to make me one. She kept the offer open when I explained that I'd just ordered one from overseas for my birthday: we decided you can never have too many afghan rugs.

My rainbow rug arrived yesterday:
Modern dolls' house miniature lounge in white with a rainbow crocheted afghan rug on the sofa and bright poppy art on the wall.
and it is truly beautiful!
Modern dolls' house miniature rainbow crocheted afghan rug and bright cushions on a white sofa.
Thank you so much, Susan :-D

And, in case you're wondering, progress is being made, albeit slowly, on the brooches. I threw the scene above together while waiting for glue to dry:
Dolls' house miniature wooden crates being glued in a jig.
(There's nothing like a last-minute rush, is there?)


Mini Dork said...

Gorgeous rug! (I love that Parsons' style coffee table!)

m1k1 said...

So it was your granny square rug she posted about the other day! Lucky you. And indeed, one can never have too many.

Sarah said...

I love those throws! Susan's crochet is fantastic, love her miniature version. Great scene.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

A bit late for a birthday present but better late than never eh? Glad you like it. Love your scene!

Art Supplies said...

Wow! Its really very beautiful. I love your neat and clean room decor, afghan rug and poppy art both are sufficient to improves its beauty.I like it.