Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Minis at the markets

On Saturday, friend Sandra and I made the now obligatory visit to the Wellington Underground Market to check out the miniature possibilities.

The first stall we came to was PixieMoon, who had a selection of 'Fae dwellings' (and furniture) for sale.
A woman peeks through a display of necklaces on a market stall above a paper house.
A room in a miniature house made of paper.
A miniature house made of paper.
A miniature fairy sofa covered in leaves and plants.
I had neither the space nor budget for anything so, after a lovely chat with the owner, we moved on.

On the Hanley Soloway, Sutlers stall, we spotted a container of sculpting tools,
Corner of a market stall with a container of sculpting tools for sale, along with a mannequin head wearing a pith helmet, and a microscope.
A container of sculpting tools for sale on a market stall.
which we were tempted by, but ultimately didn't buy. After more chatting (and a quick photo of the owner), we continued on our way...
A man dressed in colonial attire, holding a steam-punk-style model gun, in front of a sign saying 'Hanley Soloway, Sutlers: Weapons of brass destruction'
... to the point of the visit. Blue Star Kiwi.
Woman browsing the goods for sale at a market stall selling dolls' house miniatures.
(Yes, we bought things!)
A market stall selling dolls' house miniatures.
 After checking out the rest of the stalls, and buying a couple of non-mini items for mini use, we stopped for a coffee and to review our purchases.
Cup of coffee on an outdoor table, along with a number of dolls' house miniature items arranged neatly below it.
(New Zealand-themed card pack from maya albums, 'yay' brooch from JuliaHuyserDesign, deer brooch from Whirlwind, and oven dish, sunflowers and food from Blue Star Kiwi.)
A New Zealand-themed card-making kit, two brooches, a dolls' house miniature oven dish containing miniature fruit and vegetables,, miniature sunflowers and a plate of miniature pancakes with banana.
Yay to a great day!
Woman holding up a brooch in the shape of the word 'yay' next to her mouth.
(Image above courtesy of Sandra Monk)


m1k1 said...

PixieMoon's creations are delightful, and the paper Opus is just inspired.

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I love the Hanley Soloway guy's uniform =0D Yay for mini shopping trips =0)

Kikka N said...

Wow and Yay: lovely and cool tiny treasures!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and it was lovely to meet you :)