Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tic Tac too...

Airplane boarding pass with a pile of Tic Tac minis piled on it.
There was one other miniature-related souvenir I brought back from New Zealand with me (in a bad case of the 'Me-too's).

I'd considered ordering them online for pick up on my return to Australia, but decided against it. The look of utter disappointment and despair on my face when I realised that there were none on display in the arrivals duty-free store caused one of the lovely shop assistants to scuttle off and return five minutes later with an armful of packets from the (bigger) store in departures.

Now that's customer service!


otterine said...

Nice!! :D

I'll be looking for these soon myself! :D

Pepper Mitcheson said...

That is fantastic service =0D