Monday, July 13, 2015

#Frugal15 Week five

Mosaic of images showing a selection of groceries, three meals and berry muffins. The meals are spinach, mushrooms and feta on turkish toast, salmon burger on a sour dough roll with smashed potatoes and spinach, lentil and baked haloumi salad.
I spent more than the usual budget on groceries this week: which I will explain in Wednesday's #Frugal15 monthly round-up post.

The stand-out meal for the week was the salmon burger on a sourdough roll with smashed baby roast potatoes. I'll be making that again (and, since there are three more salmon patties in the box, more potatoes in the cupboard and another couple of the rolls in the freezer, it'll be very frugal!)

I also enjoyed the return on my favourite haloumi, green bean, lentil and baby spinach salad (which is why I was keen to catch the 25% off haloumi special this week). Although the ingredients were a little more expensive than my usual meal choices, the salad did feed me and a dinner guest one night, then me for lunch for the next two days (once with another sourdough roll, and once with cherry tomatoes and extra baby potatoes I'd roasted)

And this week's baking? Berry muffins.

It was a busy week socially. I invited a friend for dinner and another for lunch, attended a book launch, where I practised the fine art of ligging (and bought a copy of the book), and on Saturday I was shouted morning tea with friends, lunch at a crafternoon date, and then used another friend's spare ticket to visit the theatre with them to see Bangara Dance Theatre perform.
Mosaic of images showing social occassions, including a book launch, a morning tea of scones, jam and cream at a cafe, lunch at a table covered in craft supplies, and a theatre ticket and programme on a table in a theatre lobby.

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