Monday, July 06, 2015

#Frugal15 Week four

Mosaic of images showing a selection of groceries, three meals and a peach danish. The meals are craisin porridge, stir fry noodles and vegetable frittata.
 I was unexpectedly offered some paid work this week. Which meant that my carefully planned meals morphed into a few days of freezer roulette, with some cooking in between as time allowed. Thank goodness I'd been stocking the freezer up over the past few weeks!

Looking on the bright side, this means I can roll some of this week's menus into next week and continue the 'wait one more day before you go grocery shopping' game into another week. My grocery shop has moved from Sunday to Tuesday in the four weeks I've been playing the game. I could probably move it further, but there's a 25% off haloumi special I want to catch tomorrow.
Mosaic of images showing meals eaten out, including Turkish, soup, raisin toast and chocolate eclairs.
Being shouted dinner out on Saturday night helped, as did soup at friends' on Sunday and a visit to a friend this afternoon: a friend who was making éclairs...

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