Monday, July 20, 2015

#Frugal15 Week six

This week whizzed past in a blur and I find myself, between goodies delivered by friends (Camembert, smoked salmon and Oreos, plus Turkish pide!) and meals eaten out or at friends', with a good number of the groceries I bought at the beginning of the week still sitting uneaten. Which can only be a good thing for week seven's budget.

What did get made included my favourite breakfast burger (a bun with a stack of hollandaise, spinach, smoked salmon, grilled mushroom, feta cheese and a lightly fried egg), tuna and vegetable pasta (a store-cupboard staple), a haloumi salad idea shamelessly stolen from Lido Cafe in Wellington and a lovely fresh tomato soup. And hummus with vegetable sticks and rice crackers, when friends visited.
Mosaic of images showing a selection of groceries and four meals. The meals are a breakfast burger, pasta with tuna and vegetables, salad of haloumi with beetroot, avocado and spinach and tomato soup with cheese on toast.
 Once again, I've been fortunate with being fed by various friends. One brought Turkish pide to a mid-week gathering. One bought me a delicious cake and coffee after we visited the National Gallery to see The story of Rama: Indian miniatures from the National Museum, New Delhi.I had lunch next to a friend's pool on Friday and lunch at another friend's farm yesterday.
Mosaic of images showing morning tea at a gallery, takeaway Turkish pide at home, lunch by the pool and apple pie with cream and strawberries on a kitchen counter.
The excitement of the week was a friend letting me use her spare comp ticket to see the most excellent Flying Fruit Fly Circus (and also buying me bubbles and popcorn to boot). This was excellent timing because I'd found out earlier in the day that I hadn't got a job I'd applied for.

I joined another friend and her daughters on a visit to Canberra Museum and Gallery, and attended the monthly #Frugal15 shared lunch at my old work (bringing my muffins for the week: Spinach and cheese polenta.)
Mosaic of images showing three social occasions: glasses of sparking wine and tubs of popcorn next to a theatre flier for the circus, a mother and daughters sketching in a gallery and a woman peering into a container of freshly-baked muffins.
Perhaps this week will be a little quieter?

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