Monday, July 27, 2015

#Frugal15 Week seven

Mosaic of images showing a selection of groceries and three meals. The meals are smoked salmon, brocolli , red pepper and blue brie pasta; a salad plate with felafel, hummus and pita bread and oat cakes with caramelised banana, yoghurt and berries.
 It was a busy week, and my focus wasn't really on food. But I still made and ate a variety of healthy, colourful, frugal meals.
Mosaic of images showing a mug of tea, a takeaway coffee at a cafe, morning tea with scones and jam and cream and takeaway pizza and wine.
And, as usual, made time to catch up with friends. I took muffins from the freezer on a visit to see a friend's new flat, bought myself coffee when I arrived early for a meeting (and appreciated it so much more than I used to when it was a daily habit), had a Friday-night dinner and movie night with friends (they decided to order in pizza), and visited the National Gallery of Australia's Members' Lounge and was bought coffee and noms for the second week running.

Oh, and just to prove that leftovers can be fun...
Two roasted potatoes, cut in half with melted cheese in the middle and peppercorns inserted to look like eyes.

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