Monday, July 24, 2006

Got some culture in me

After being banned from my office by a certain Loopy Lapin I managed to sort pretty much all of my To Do list out (except Finish trip diary which is a rather large task I plan to get started on at Craft Catch Up tonight and paint toenails which I'm sure will get done one night this week.) Of course I now have a brand spanking new To Do list to start working through!

So to celebrate that acheivement (and my return to the gym) I finally went to see the Clarice Cliff exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery, dragging V, M and Little E along as well (4 months old is a good time to start appreciating the finer things in life, surely?) And since I saw no signs banning me from taking pictures you get to share what I saw. This set here would be perfect for Sew Thrifty:
and I can imagine Posie taking tea with this set (don't you love the jaunty looking teapot?):
These are quite quite modern looking and not at all as busy as some of Clarice's other work:
And here's the miniature Clarice Cliff crocus tea set I have in my own collection (bought from the Dorking Dolls House Fair):
And, finally, a picture of the gallery where the exhibition was held.

CMAG have been running a series of exhibtions called Cabinets of Curiosities over the past few years which showcases collections of people that live here. I've seen a room full of snow globes and, on another occassion, shoes.

I have plans to see a room full of contemporary dolls houses and furniture from 1947-2007 here. Once I get my exhibition proposal in to them. Which has only been sitting round for about 18 months now waiting to be filled out...


Anonymous said...

I thought culture was spelled kulcha! Boy have I had it wrong all these years...

Anonymous said...


I just saw your blog on MyBlogLines. I left you a message there, but love your teapot featured. my girlfriend collects them and I think yours is really cool. I'll forward it onto her.