Sunday, July 09, 2006

Second Hand Saturday

I had such plans yesterday to take photos of a few op shops you've not see yet, but as I was standing in the carpark of Vinnies Tuggeranong my camera battery (which I thought was fully charged) decided it was going to die. So you'll have to wait for a full run down of the southside shops.

Frugalling-wise it was a gentle day. I managed to pack in a fair few stops, though (Vinnies and Salvos in Tuggeranong, Vinnies in Phillip, out to Revolve at The Dump (I haven't been there in years but decided as I was almost driving past I may as well have a poke around) then over to Bargain Hunters and Salvos in Queanbeyan and, finally, a quick look round Revamp and Burley Griffin Antiques Centre at Kingston Markets on the way back into town.)
I bought books. Of course. For all that spare time I have to read. (Not!)

Total cost for this pile: $10.And I picked up some more videos for when I run out of books to read in all that spare time I have. (Please note dripping sarcasm). Total cost: $9.And, finally I bought some more black and white stuff for the house.

A black file tray for the office which was a bargain at $1 until I dropped it and cracked it. Bum! I figure once I have a pile of stuff to do in it you'll not notice the crack anyway...

Another apron: $2. This looks suspiciously like a Marrimeko print.

Black and white polka dot cotton pillowcase: 50 cents. Bummed out that there was only one. Two are so much more useful.

Brand new (with original price tags still attached) black and white Maxwell Williams Colori sugar bowl and milk jug. $1 each (original price: $10.90 for both). For all those afternoon teas I'll be whipping up when I've finished reading the books and watching the videos, of course!

I'm off to list a whole heap of Lundby furniture package deals. And ignore the state of the house. And the fact I'm still in my PJs when I had planned to be at the gym for a class that started 3 minutes ago.

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Taphophile said...

Good hall, TSS. We must have crossed paths at at least 3 of those op-shops. :)