Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome to TSS's new frugal office

Do come in - we're open for business!(You may remember mention of the $8 curtains - they're up and they fit perfectly.) Here are the two IKEA tables I got on eBay and picked up from Sydney last weekend. $15.50 for the one on the left and $31.73 for the one on the right. The paintings are also from eBay ($25) as is the filing cabinet ($31.99). The chair (also IKEA) was a birthday present about 8 years ago, the lamp was $30 from the antiques centre at The Bus Depot Markets in Kingston and you'll recognise the bins on the table from yesterday.

I plan to use the left hand end for working and the right hand end will be great for taking pictures for eBay and as a packing and postage centre.On the other wall, next to the filing cabinet is my $50 wooden bookcase which I use to organise my eBay stuff. On the middle shelf you'll see my frugalling basket which I bought at Target in Philadelphia for $9.95 and lugged home in my carry on bag.

On top of the bookcase are my business books and the lamp MR gave me for my birthday. The 20 cent tree picture is waiting to go up on the wall.And finally is my $200 spare bed with the pillowcases Sis gave me years and years ago, the famous $10 Kartell unit and, on the wall, a kiwi plate I picked up at Trash and Treasure a couple of years ago for $7.

In the long run I think the bed will disappear and I'll replace it with a run of cupboards along this wall for office supplies and the samples you can see in the large box under the packing centre.

Total cost (excluding expensive stuff like laptop, printer and scanner)? Just over $400.

Do pop into my eBay store if you're looking for dolls house furniture. I have a huge swag I'll be adding over the next week or so.


pink trees said...

ooh!! fun! i found you the perfect things for in there today! i can't wait to mail them to you!! i really should go pick up a few more! ok, i'm going to then i'll mail them off!

so exciting! TSS open for business!!

oh, and the bed?? a little hanky panky in the office! whoot whoo!

Taphophile said...

That's a very cool office - I'm so impressed!