Friday, July 21, 2006

I've banned her

Hello Dear Readers

Yes I know, I know, long time no chat but do you think I've been able to get near the computer recently? Oh dear me no!

That Shopping Sherpa girl has been hunched over it pretty much the whole time she's been home recently. But at least she's got a nice new office and me sitting in the corner to keep her company. Pity about the lack of stereo though - when I suggested buying a nice iPod and speakers she glared at me and muttered something about not liking to listen to music when she works anyway. Shame, it would at least keep me amused - staring at the back of her head does get quite boring you know.

So you're wondering how I managed to wrestle time on the laptop? Simple. I've banned her until she's finished the stuff that's on her three week old To Do list.AND NO FRUGALLING TIL IT'S DONE! And just to make sure I have a back up... So I'm guessing by the time she's sorted out her list she may be able to make it to CMAG to see the
Clarice Cliff exhibition before she heads out to dinner then on to Underland at Canberra Theatre. So you might hear from her sometime on Sunday. Unless I get to the computer first!

Love and carrots

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Taphophile said...

You are a hard task-bunny, Trudy - can I borrow you when I fill in my tax return?