Thursday, July 06, 2006

Having a day off

Off TSS business, not other work. But still it was pretty exciting getting to the dishes and ironing and tidying up a bit of the rest of the house finally before heading out this morning!

Having said that I had the day off I did meet with my designer this evening to discuss some designs he's come up with for The Shopping Sherpa's corporate identity. As I had 40 minutes to kill between work and the meeting I took my camera for a walk round Civic as dusk fell.
This is the view from London Circuit looking past the Sydney building (one of the first buildings built when Canberra was founded) to Telstra Tower (that's the sticky out bit you can see on top of the building in the middle. Not that it's on top of the building really but on top of Black Mountain. Sort of cheating, I reckon, building a tower on top of a hill. And in random trivia, Telstra Tower is known locally as "The hypodermic needle")
Here's the Civic Square fountain with The Canberra Museum and Gallery Building in the background.
Water! For a while when we had major water restrictions a lot of the fountains in Canberra were turned off so it's nice to see then all running again.
The statue in Civic Square. I've never actually really noticed it before tonight but thanks to the magic of the internet I can tell you that it is a copper statue of Ethos, originally cast in 1962 as The Spirit of the Community.

(Listening to: Zero 7, The Garden)

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pink trees said...

ooh! ooh! ooh! TSS is going professional!! exciting! whoo hoo!!

the fountain is gorgeous!