Saturday, July 15, 2006

A soggy Saturday

Not that I'm complaining - soggy is good for our drought-laden city!

And I actually really enjoy a wet and cold midwinter weekend, especially when I have a ton of stuff that I can happily stay inside and catch up on.

I did go out this morning to run a few errands and pop into a couple of Op shops. But the pickings were slim (oh, apart from craft stuff which I gritted my teeth and ignored. But if you're not on Use What You Have Month, live in Canberra, and feel the need to own a tabletop loom, a "Sweater machine" (a small knitting machine) or a yarn winder get ye to Belconnnen Vinnies quick smart!)White plastic lunch container: $1.

Picture frame (which I'll buy a mat for and use to frame one of the blow up photos from my trip pics): $4.

Book to add to a certain parcel going out next week: 50 cents.

Clip on wire bookends which I'm going to use on the shelf in my wardrobe to keep my bags from falling over: $1.

Speaking of parcels going out next week, I spent some time this morning catching up on various things long overdue for the mail. Sis's birthday present, for instance, now 10 days overdue. A little parcel for Tracy in New Zealand. Pink Tree's parcel of fabric and bits and bobs, long promised. And (actually on time!) my Black and White and Red all Over swap parcel.

Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go...and here's a little sneak peek of the contents...
And now it's back to work for an hour or so and then I think I need to bake a little something to heat up the house and cheer up my tummy. And catch up on my overdue letters and phone calls.

(Listening to: Say Cheese, Ultimate One Hit Wonders)


Kristin said...

I have the same child amusement book! Weird.

Mondo Viaggiatore said...

thanks for the welcome - it is good to be back

Am I now recognisable because of the ref to PM&C !?!?!

Taphophile said...

Nice haul, yet again. Did I ever go in the wrong op shop direction this week though! I'd have snapped up that loom, sweater machine and ball winder in a heartbeat.