Friday, April 18, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

On one hand I'm wondering how it got to be Friday night already but on the other hand I'm rather pleased one of the most frustrating weeks I can remember is finally over.

Computers and I have not got on this week. At either job. In fact the IT chap at the new job is, I think, finally realising I wasn't joking when I proclamed to him when we first meet that I'd break his systems in ways he'd never thought possible. He caught sight of me this afternoon as I wandered past and squeaked and flapped in a most satisfying way. I don't suppose it helped much that I actually managed to fix something on my computer when he was off having lunch that had been driving him a bit bonkers all morning.

Anyway. The plan this evening involves PJs at an indecently early hour, a pile of fresh new magazines, a queen sized bed and a large glass of wine. While listening to early Simple Minds, Ska Giants and Sisters of Mercy.

Other random stuff: I had a haircut. Boyd declared I was looking "hairy" when I walked into the salon. He also said he was bored with it so it was all chopped off. I'm not sure I like it but, as usual, will wait til after the first wash when all the crap has been removed and then ignore it for the next 8 weeks.

I'm planning my yearly sojourn to Melbourne for my birthday/ Eurovision weekend. I just have to decide (as I said to Kerry) if I'm driving so she gets the extended mix (with two sewing machines and a pile of vintage fabric to decorate her funky new apartment with) or if we're sticking with the usual flying radio edit.

I picked this set of 15 Sesame Street Treasury books up from Salvos for $6 this week:
And that's about it. Sorry, will try to be more interesting next week!

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cd&m said...

Love the name of this blog! Just popped by as I thought it would be nice to say Hi as I'm also taking part in the macro challenge.