Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who's happy?

Me: I picked up my newly serviced overlocker this morning . Hurrah!Mum: (I hope...) I forgot to mention I'd done a bit of shopping the Parental stash when I was in New Zealand. And after seeing that Mum was buying baby ack full price to knit for the cousins I decided intervention of the yarny kind was needed (to appease my guilt at running off with a 500g skein of red wool if nothing else).

Enter Happy Spider's yarn mountain and her brilliant hand dying skills. I now have this teetering pile of baby yarn goodness waiting to be packaged up and sent across The Ditch:
Both Taph and Happy Spider have warned me that I may have just unleashed a monster if past experience with introducing knitting-type parental units to hand dyed yarn is anything to go on...

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Taphophile said...

Be very very careful!