Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"I'd rather be op shopping"

That's the T shirt I wish I owned so I could had worn it today.

It. Was. Just. One. Of. Those. Days.

Oh, it was nothing major. That would have made much better blog fodder. Oh no. Today was a day of:

*Pantihose which was trying to constantly roll itself downwards. Which meant I spent the whole day yanking at my waist to keep things where they were supposed to be. Stupid pantihose. I wish this pair would sprout a hole so I could chuck them out but no such luck so far. Maybe I should sew a warning thread to the top to remind myself to wear them only when they are my last resort

* Work. Frustration. Blah. That's all I can say.

* Realising I'd forgotten to take a parcel to work which I was planning to post today. Double blah.

* I spent almost half my week's food budget on coffee and food to try and make myself feel better. It didn't work. I'm sick of tuna and rice.

Having said all that the Miss Pollyanna in me pops up to mention that many good things happened today:

*We have a frugalling foray arranged for Saturday. Four frugallers, two cars, two states and an as yet unknown number of op shops in one day. Oh the damage we could do!

* I took my laptop into work today to visit with Lovely Doctor David who cleaned it out so my pizza of disk space has much more than a sliver of pink showing. And maybe, just maybe, said laptop may now behave like a sprightly teenager rather than a lethargic geriatric

* Floor talks for my CMAG exhibition (doesn't that sound grand? I'll just have to say it again: "my CMAG exhibition") have been confirmed for October 16th and 18th.

* I have a freshly serviced Miss Daisy. With an internal light that works. This is actually quite exciting in my book...

* Our designer at work showed me some new Photoshop tricks today. Which I fear I've forgotten but can't wait to try out!

* My April Black and White Swap closed this afternoon with 16 participants.

And since this is starting to look suspiciously like a photoless post (and we can't have that, can we?) here's my submission for today to the 30 Day Macro Challenge pool:


Caffeine Faerie said...

Next week, I take you out to coco black (pick a day - I'll be in the state, Mon through Wed, that is). I think your exhibition status needs to be celebrated, and the success in op-shopping does too.

Janet McKinney said...

A frugalling foray?? What is this? Can any more attend???


Cooking My Life said...

That's one big fish! ;-) I love the colors on it.

Have fun frugaling.