Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In April I'm...

... arranging another black & white swap through Swap-Bot. Sign ups are due mid month, your package will need to be posted by the end of the month. Please join the fun!

... going to read more. I didn't read a single book the whole of March (which is a pity as I set myself the theme of Modernism and was looking forward to getting stuck into the pile of books I have. April is Art and I've already rearranged the piles so May will be Modernism. Sneaky, huh?!)

... sewing. With my "new" overlocker once it returns from getting a service. Which will hopefully lead to a long overdue shop update.

... seeing
Juno, I'm not there and Dr Plonk at the ANU Film Group.

... staying home for a change. And maybe even finishing that
damned Daisy Hoodie before it turns one!

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