Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday shopping: buy stuff, get stuff free...

I was up at sparrow's fart this morning and off up the road to The Capital Region Farmers Markets at EPIC, where there was a continuation of Thursday's get more than you pay for theme...

My eggs came with a featherand a chuckle(maybe next week I'll see if they'll sell me a dozen partridge eggs. I wonder if they come with a free pear?).

My carrots came with a mass of greeneryWhich makes storing them a little challenging!

And my garlic came with free dirt. How terribly rustic...I also discovered locally made tofu!All up I spent $9 this morning, bringing my total for the month so far to $35.86 (just over half my usual weekly grocery budget)

Then I came home and made Apple Drop Biscuits with cinnamon and honey yoghurt for breakfast. Just a
week late.(Who needs to go to a cafe for brunch anyway?!)

Now do excuse me, I feel the need to go knit in public.

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